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If Not Us Then Who? – the story of Charley Taylor

‘Who will stop this madness of climate change, if not us, then who, if not now, then when?’ Yeb Sano

‘If Not Us Then Who’ a new series of inspiring short films and photographic collections from Handcrafted Films aims to shed light on the enormous challenges of climate change by examining one key element of this unprecedented crisis – who is protecting our forests?

The Frozen Ark

In the face of rising extinction rates in animal species, the Frozen Ark Project aims to collect and save tissues containing DNA from animals facing extinction and to store these valuable specimens for posterity.

New film ‘Stop the Crop’ explores the hazards of GM crops

A new and thought provoking film from Handcrafted Films has been released by Corporate Europe Observatory, Friends of the Earth and SourcedTV. The film explores the continuing problems associated with the use of GM in modern day agriculture and highlights the possibility that European Union ministers may soon approve far ranging GM cultivation throughout Europe. […]

Focus Forward Film Festival Audience Vote

We’re delighted to say that Uptown Oils is a semi finalist at the Focus Forward Film Festival. What we’d love everyone to do is join in and help vote for the film as it goes through the public voting period before the final judges have their say later in December. “95 films have been selected […]

Focus Forward Film Festival

Great news for Handcrafted Films! A new reversioned film looking at the great work of Uptown Oils has been shortlisted as a semi-finalist for the Focus Forward Film Festival. ‘Focus Forward is an unprecedented new series of 30 three-minute stories about innovative people who are reshaping the world through act or invention, directed by the world’s most celebrated documentary filmmakers’ .

UK Green Business of the Year Award

Recent collaborators with Handcrafted Films Uptown Biodiesel scooped last nights UK Green Business of the Year award at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane.

Grease Lighting Screenings in Stockholm

October 2, 2011 Biografteatern Rio CINEMA Stockholm, Sweden http://www.biorio.se/ October 3, 2011 GLOBAL ACTION PLAN SWEDEN Stockholm, Sweden http://globalactionplan.se/ October 4, 2011 TEDX HORNSTULL Stockholm, Sweden http://www.tedxhornstull.se/

Project Green: Grease Lighting No.2

We are led through a procession of passageways, slowly working our way down into the basement levels. The passageways are all lit with different coloured bulbs; orange, red, green, purple. The effect is not dissimilar to a submarine control room or an underground bunker. This however is no military craft or installation, far from it, […]

Project Green: House Clearer – Introducing George

Last week I walked to see Peter, our main character, on two separate occasions and with every step my heart sank deeper. I arrived at his shop on Tuesday to remind him of the conversation we had about our short documentary. I was full of smiles but I could tell in his demeanor that he […]

Project Green: Grease Lighting

We have just returned from an interesting recce to Uptown Oils in South London near the historic regions of Borough and Southwark, the world of Shakespeare, the foggy swirling Thames (although it has shimmered almost invitingly in the heat wave of the past few days) and the famous wholesale fruit and vegetable market. Uptown Oils […]