Handcrafted Films

The Frozen Ark

In the face of rising extinction rates in animal species, the Frozen Ark Project aims to collect and save tissues containing DNA from animals facing extinction and to store these valuable specimens for posterity.

Solidarity For Women’s Rights Defenders in Afghanistan

This film follows ‘Young Women for Change’ an organisation based in Afghanistan. Standing up against human rights abuses and empowering women to take a more active part in society, their amazing work has influenced young Amnesty activists to stand in solidarity with them here in the UK.

Inspirational People – Bertil Lintner

Bertil Linter is a Swedish journalist who has written numerous books and articles on Burma and is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable foreign journalists on Burmese affairs.

Grease Lighting

Imagine being able to power a modern office without connecting to the national grid? Imagine being able to do this by using second-hand cooking fat.

I Talk Out Loud

Filmed over several months this year I Talk Out Loud follows the Eastlea Youth Group as they embark on a campaign to abolish stoning in Iran.