Handcrafted Films

I Talk Out Loud

Filmed over several months this year I Talk Out Loud follows the Eastlea Youth Group as they embark on a campaign to abolish stoning in Iran.

The Troubadour Series – Owls of the Swamp

This video is part of the Troubadour Series from the Label Ship ‘Back to Blighty’ tour.

2010 Amnesty Student Conference Lectures

Insightful discussions with fascinating speakers.


Handcrafted are pleased to launch the four-part FLEGT VPA (Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade – Voluntary Partnership Agreement) Training Films.

Forced Evictions

During the 2010 Amnesty Student Conference students organise an action standing in solidarity with communities affected by Forced Evictions.

Shaping Sounds

A research project exploring the link between voice and physicality.

Freedom in your Hands

Amnesty’s action on Burma was inspired by the work of James Mackay, a London-based freelance documentary photographer who has photographed more than 160 former Burmese political prisoners.

Action for Change

Handcrafted Films launch a new film for Amnesty International UK. Following a group of student activists as they march through central London protesting on behalf of political prisoners in Burma.


The Livelihoods and Forestry Programme (LFP) has been enhancing the lives of rural people in Nepal since its inception in 2001.

5×5 Voices of change from the forests of Indonesia

‘5×5’ is a series of five documentary films funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) and created by Handcrafted Films and its Indonesian partner Gekko Studios. Each film examines the human stories behind illegal logging in Indonesia.