Handcrafted Films

Jamie Elkins

Handcrafed films’ soundtrack composer has been developing his style of music from youthful guitar angst to soulful, thought provoking present. He now composes on a freelance basis and has worked on a number of adverts, short films and with various Non-Governmental Organisations (WSPA, EIA, Earthsight and Eco-storm).

Simon Waller

Simon Christopher Waller (Handcrafted’s web designer) has been gratifyingly immersed in the design industry for over 9 years – acting as graphic designer, photographer and music composer. Most of his professional career has been spent working in London; however he spent a year working in Paris and works with an agency in New York. Simon absolutely loves his work with a passion and surrounds himself with other freelancers of the same mindset, which helps inspire and challenge him.

Craig Saunders

Craig Saunders is a musician who has contributed music to short films and documentaries. Currently living in Hamburg he is also the front man of the singer-songwriter project Kid Decker, and is a co-organiser of the Melodica Acoustic Festival which now takes place in over 5 countries. Kid Decker’s debut album ‘Your Kind’ was released […]